Off-site construction is the solution

Traditional construction for 5600 homes is going to take a long time.
The Sonoma and Napa counties of California lost a substantial amount of housing supply in the October 2017 California wildfires. The loss of approximately 5,600 homes has placed an enormous burden on housing availability in the area. Traditional construction methods will be expensive and may take 3-5 years to return Sonoma & Napa back to normal. Western Development Group has focused its affordable housing efforts on utilizing cutting-edge off-site construction technology to rapidly produce for-sale homes and for-rent homes in communities affected by the fires.

The lack of qualified contractors, upward pressures on supplies, and the increasing cost of materials will affect communities as they try to rebuild. The most important advantage of off-site construction is the ability to produce and deliver homes at an accelerated pace. Considering the strain on traditional builders and contractors due to high demand, off-site construction will provide significant cost and time saving benefits.

Western Development Group is a community-based company whose purpose is to help Sonoma & Napa recover and rebuild. Western Development Group has assembled a team of experienced individuals in the affordable housing industry to ensure these goals are met. We have an economically favorable solution to get people back into homes and in a timely fashion.
Western Development Group Team

WDG intends to lessen environmental damage of land development practices by building homes with LEED–certified goals. WDG is creating healthy, highly efficient, and cost saving homes. These homes will minimize use of energy, water, and resources, while generating less waste in the construction process. There is a commitment to recycling 90% of material waste. Homes offer Energy Star rated windows and appliances as standard. Tankless water heaters reduce demand for water with high-efficiency fixtures. Renewable hardwood floors, solar-ready designs, and efficient hot water distribution systems are part of the overall design process.

WDG Product

WDG Interiors

Management Team

Tim Wilkens - CEO, Real Estate Developer; Involved in residential and commercial property development for 32 years; purchased, renovated, and built over 1,000 homes; projects include: the Meritage-Vino Bello Resort, residential housing communities, office developments, high-rise condominiums, hotels, resorts, and fractional housing throughout California, Nevada and Texas. Named a top 10 homebuilder in the Northern San Francisco Bay area by the North Bay Business Journal. Holder of CA Occupational Developer License, a CA Manufactured Dealers License, and a CA Real Estate Brokers License. Education in Business Administration and Marketing.

Al Whitehouse – Product Manager; With over 40 years of off-site construction experience, Mr. Whitehouse is one of the foremost experts in manufactured housing in the country, formerly, General Manager and COO of Silvercrest Homes, a leading supplier of manufactured housing, responsible for P&L, manufacturing operations, safety and environmental compliance, productivity and quality improvement, sales and financial management, contract pricing and negotiations, and product development. Previously with Fuqua Homes defining its national housing marketing strategies, directing product design and development. Education in Business Administration and Marketing.

Partners and Advisors

Simon Mills – Partner; serial entrepreneur in real estate, technology, media, and marketing. Assisting in capital procurement, marketing, branding, technology, and business development. Expertise in consulting engagements with companies including Hyatt, AIG, BBDO, CBS, NBC, Starbucks, and Pepsi.

Richard Hemming – Financial Advisor; 40 years in banking, lending, and financial services, comprehensive experience in all areas of real estate, agriculture, business, and consumer lending. Key role in managing a de novo bank - Napa Community Bank including delivery of financial results. Financial consultant to individuals and businesses, including problem situations, workouts, loan restructure, and organizational changes.

Brian Kelly – Strategic Planner; a strategy and financial advisor to support business owners in creating and enhancing value. 25 years in commercial banking, helping to develop leaders and companies to achieve revenue generation and equity growth. Intimate knowledge of the North Bay and city and county governments.

Claude Fletcher – Community Liaison; executive management experience in the fields of education, insurance and business management, served on the San Jose, CA City Council and on boards of local and state organizations and agencies including: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, California Attorney General Citizen Advisory Council, Association of Bay Area Governments, and the Santa Clara County Criminal Justice System Advisory Board.


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